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Mar 2018
Alice Jiang
Mar 29 2018 04:18
I meant the super general data from start to finish. Trying to brush up in my ability to explain to the average Joe and needed a little help. It took some rewording but I found what I was looking for. Thanks though @erictleung
Kartik Mudgal
Mar 29 2018 05:57
@erictleung I ended up having to compile from source because they removed support for my gpu in 0.3.1 :P
Apparently the binaries were getting to big :/
We'll see if that works today - otherwise - I'm switching to tensorflow
I should really get an aws subscription - but I can't really justify the expense for toy projects
Mar 29 2018 07:02
any one have data-camp full data science course ?
Eric Leung
Mar 29 2018 22:48

@becausealice2 ah I see. Well "data science" is really just a rebranding of "statistics", so these two nice articles should be a nice review you're looking for:

A bit long of a quote, but I really like description of the difference between a novice "data scientist" and expert:

A big difference between inexperienced users of statistics and expert statisticians appears as soon as they contemplate the uses of some data. While it is obvious that experiments generate data to answer scientific questions, inexperienced users of statistics tend to take for granted the link between data and scientific issues and, as a result, may jump directly to a technique based on data structure rather than scientific goal. For example, if the data were in a table, as for microarray gene expression data, they might look for a method by asking, “Which test should I use?” while a more experienced person would, instead, start with the underlying question, such as, “Where are the differentiated genes?” and, from there, would consider multiple ways the data might provide answers.

@Sprinting cool, thanks for sharing!
@habibatify_twitter there's quite a number of them, as you may know. What's your background and interest in data science? Maybe that'll help in focusing what path you should take.
Mar 29 2018 23:00
@becausealice2 :wave:
Alice Jiang
Mar 29 2018 23:30
@erictleung thanks! I'll have a look
Omg this phone. Ignore that Chinese lmao