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May 2018
May 04 2018 00:04
Any Software Testers here who could help me? I am in dire need of help. or know where I could ask for such help
May 04 2018 00:06
@mesmoiron are you asking about a specific flavor of markdown, such as github flavored markdown or R Markdown?
Hèlen Grives
May 04 2018 02:04
@GoldbergData Tyler it is a R markdown file I’ve been working on. For the Youtube data. It has still some issues.
Eric Leung
May 04 2018 02:24
@mesmoiron you can put in up on RPubs ( for free. If you compile the RMarkdown document as an HTML file, there should be some option to share on RPubs. You'll have to set up the account and link it to RStudio to submit it.
Josh Goldberg
May 04 2018 03:17
@mesmoiron GitHub markdown flavor is also free if you push to remote origin
Hèlen Grives
May 04 2018 06:38
@erictleung I will explore that option. @GoldbergData I could also set that up because my old files are working sort of. A good refresher
Hèlen Grives
May 04 2018 06:47
Just one other question. My workflow is a bit trial and error. What I find difficult is to create a tidy document. I end up with variables I don’t want or a structure that’s goes back and forth. Even when I follow the steps as an example those of text mining. Even with comments I ask myself what was it that I was thinking or pursuing. So getting everything in the markdown document was time consuming. How to tackle that?
Josh Goldberg
May 04 2018 12:54
@mesmoiron I think this is because you did not start in markdown. Going forward, I always start in markdown, so it makes it easier to manage. You could remove excess code you don’t care about, but I avoid optimizing as much as I can until I have a near finished product. Unless the clutter is preventing work from being done. Then you should clean out what you don’t need.