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Jun 2018
Hèlen Grives
Jun 14 2018 07:15 UTC
Hmm hit a dead point. I want to start with ML but don’t know how to get it started. One thing I do need is to parse dates from text file in order to get them chronological. With other words the cleaning and tidying is not over yet. How not to get insane and drown while doing so 😂🙏
I must figure out a work flow that works with all those steps I have to do. That’s not going to be fast I guess.
Jun 14 2018 10:57 UTC
@becausealice2 last time I used juypter notebooks it was part of the Anaconda package for windows (not sure how you are running it).. when it hung like that , I manually stopped and restarted jupyter notebooks since with anaconda I need to manually start the service on the command line
Vidur Khanna
Jun 14 2018 12:19 UTC
@all I need some advice related to data science particularly in NLP. Does any one have time ?
Hèlen Grives
Jun 14 2018 21:08 UTC

Hi Vidur depends how difficult your question is. Tomorrow would be better.

Anyways I inched further. I found another promising tool (drowning in tools already) Brat has the capability to annotate events. So I go with the strategy 1) NER in R/python 2) complement new codes in second run expanding config file 3) document tools and exchange formats in a mind map

No ML yet because I have to get the features right in order to use them. So they must be structured.
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