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Jun 2018
Constantine N. M.
Jun 18 2018 07:36
hi new here
Anjul Sharma
Jun 18 2018 15:27
@here can anyone suggest from where i can get the open projects where i can learn how to productionize an ML model
There are tons of material out there on web but i want to learn as a beginner following step by step approac
Ashwin Hariharan
Jun 18 2018 19:03
hello everyone!
Eric Leung
Jun 18 2018 20:20
@booleanhunter hello and welcome!
@constantine_N_M_twitter hi there! :wave:
@anjul has a free online course you can follow where they give some instructions on implementing machine learning models on AWS, so that might be the closest to "production" machine learning model instruction you can get.