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Jun 2018
Bigyan Karki
Jun 19 2018 04:03
hey there. is there any problem with aws ec2-g3.4xlarge instance
i am running the instance in ubuntu deep learning AMI 10.0
the AMI comes with preinstalled deep learning libraries with anaconda
and everytime I run my python file using conda_tensorflow_p36 enviornment, it shows module numpy has no attribute integer error
however it works fine with python2 version
Alice Jiang
Jun 19 2018 04:45
I can't speak to the quality, but came across this on Meetup and since it's broadcast I thought I'd share:
Live AI-centric talks by "AICamp"
I've never heard of them, but the subjects and speakers look promising
Anjul Sharma
Jun 19 2018 06:53
@ericleung thanks for sharing url it looks good
Jun 19 2018 12:01
If anyone is interested Microsoft opened up "AI School"
Alice Jiang
Jun 19 2018 19:30
I was wondering when they'd build their own platform. They've all but completely taken over edX :joy:
It feels like half the courses in Computer Science and Data Analysis & Statistics areas in edX are by Microsoft
Jun 19 2018 19:37
Heheheh its true