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Jul 2018
Anjul Sharma
Jul 09 2018 00:26
May i see
Anjul Sharma
Jul 09 2018 01:09
Its very frustrating at my end as I want to change my career from full stack dev to data science and not getting right guidance and proper mentoring...can i get help on this? I can contribute to someone’s ongoing data science project with small small assignments and being shadowed at the same time
Asish Mahapatra
Jul 09 2018 01:12
this is not very active considering there's 2000 people in there :o
Jul 09 2018 17:31
Hi everyone
Eric Leung
Jul 09 2018 22:14
@KWFE welcome welcome!
@anjul sorry to hear of your frustration. It happens. I'd follow the rstats community on Twitter for guidance. It is a very active and supportive community. You can also take a look at Kaggle. They have been doing a lot of tutorials and facilitating learning of methods, like this meta notebook I came across today. Guidance and mentoring also depends on where you want to go and in what domain e.g. healthcare, biology, business analytics.
@asishm activeness comes and goes in waves. And it is only as active as people are! So feel free to contribute to the discussion. Given freeCodeCamp is focused on web development, I can see why there isn't much discussion in data science. However, if there are topics that are of interest in the webdev space, feel free to discuss here :smile:
@aeroses hi there! :wave: