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Jul 2018
Hèlen Grives
Jul 13 2018 00:46 UTC
@erictleung somehow I expected that; but even so it comes as a surprise. My feeling says it won’t be an Apple kind of thing. If people have paid close attention to the processes and key supporting structures it will work out just fine. However if they are focused on ego’s and narrow issues they won’t. The glue might have been invisible for a long time. Some people are good at detecting what kind of glue it is; others not so much. We will see.
Eric Leung
Jul 13 2018 02:30 UTC
@mesmoiron he did say that he'll continue being an active developer, so I'm assuming he'll let off on guiding what Python will be in the future. Python has such a large following and is overseen by the Python Software Foundation, so the future of Python will do fine. But yes, I guess we'll see how the developers react to future changes.