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Jul 2018
Alice Jiang
Jul 30 2018 20:34
:wave: long time no see everyone! I've been inundated with a lot of blahblahblah recently and have been preparing to move so I've not been able to keep up with goings on here. Any fun projects in progress?
Hèlen Grives
Jul 30 2018 21:15
@becausealice2 good to hear; we’re in the same busy boat. Coding dropped to zero for me. I’m still doing OCR preparations, research amd now getting familiar with legal issues. Anyway maybe you all have heard of they are doing what was on my wish list. Then again it is about language, contracts and deep learning. Their website is very fun to read. My project depends on that trend taking off thus I like the ride. Hundreds of pages of law and engeneering.
I mean I reac a lot lately.