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Jul 2018
Alice Jiang
Jul 31 2018 03:17
Yeah, I've been away from my keyboard for so long that when I finally went to sit down and do something I had no idea how to do anything anymore hahaha. I've chosen to interpret it as meaning I had a weak foundation so I'm going back to the absolute basics and trying again :joy:
In the meantime I've been reading up on all the advances in facial recognition tech and it's applications. It's going to some bizarre and fantastic places. I'm excited to get in on it
Ivan Ngundela
Jul 31 2018 18:24
Hello everyone, I’ve just finished with my developing my company website May you please visit and comment for improving… THANK YOU
George Bockari
Jul 31 2018 21:28
@ingundela This is a very good project. All the links and buttons work, color scheme is nice, I really like it. If I was to suggest any modifications there are two:
  1. Is it possible for you to style the file upload button? It's got the basic browser button styling and slightly clashes with the rest of the desing
  2. On the about us page, maybe you could consider using further styling to really set off the 'Who we are' text. Not sure, maybe lighter, darker, offset into bootstrap cards.