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Aug 2018
Bigyan Karki
Aug 18 2018 03:02
@erictleung @becausealice2 @evaristoc hey guys. Since, I have known you guys for a long time in this group, I am writing you guys to give some feedback on my blog. I am starting to write about ML algorithms and research paper. here is the link
Alice Jiang
Aug 18 2018 16:18
The only thing I'd suggest with regards to the site over the content is to either remove the "projects" section and instead just make a "find me on the networks" type of section and include github there, or actually list and describe your projects and include links to each repo. Having an entire page called "projects" with just a github link is anti-climactic and if you want to catch an employer's eye, they more than likely can't be bothered to chase down information like that @bigyankarki
Bigyan Karki
Aug 18 2018 21:28
Hey @becausealice2. I will surely heed you advice. I will probably list all my projects int hat page. Thanks for your advice :)