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Aug 2018
Abhimanyu Aryan
Aug 19 2018 16:45 UTC
anyone using Javascript for DataScience?
here or everyone using Python?
Philip Durbin
Aug 19 2018 16:47 UTC
I assume people are also using R.
Josh Goldberg
Aug 19 2018 16:49 UTC
I use R and Python
Why would you use JavaScript for DS? It’s primary a front end language?
Alice Jiang
Aug 19 2018 17:34 UTC
I've used Node for DS reasons.
To put it bluntly, JavaScript is a bit of a bitch of a language to try and get to work for its intended purposes. Since DS has a lot of other more appropriate options available, I advise against JavaScript.
If you're determined to use JS, though, so long as you genuinely understand how the language works, it is possible and isn't the worst approach, I suppose....
Josh Goldberg
Aug 19 2018 20:08 UTC
Seems like using a hammer for a screw. Use tools that have the least friction IMO.
On one note, using JS to visualize your model / data is useful over the web (ex.
Aug 19 2018 21:00 UTC
@GoldbergData Using JS for DS is the new thing now, I see twitter posts and articles pushing it as python's replacement in the DS field
i don't see how when python already has the modules ready to go and it is along with R the two standard langs but hey..
Josh Goldberg
Aug 19 2018 21:38 UTC

@mstellaluna it’s kind of silly to reinvent wheels. Even in the case of R—the canonical language for statistical programming—an interface approach is used rather than reinventing certain deep learning libraries that already exist in python. R also interfaces well with a lot of other things.

Of course any Turing complete language can be used to accomplish whatever you want in software in general, including DS. But it’s hard enough as it is to develop and deploy useful applications in DS. I don’t see the game in adding more friction to that process by using a language that lacks the robustness other languages already have in that domain. But I’m kind of ranting now so I’ll stop lol.

Aug 19 2018 22:53 UTC