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Aug 2018
Eric Leung
Aug 21 2018 18:02
@bigyankarki great start on your blog! Keep it up. As you mentioned in your first blog post, being able to explain what you're learning will help you better understand the materials you're learning about. Creating more figures/graphics will help convey what you're doing, as people are more visual than textual. Keep it up!
On using JS for DS, Google and Tensorflow has already made an API for JavaScript
I personally use R more than Python, but there is a trend for Python to take over everything in scientific computing and machine learning e.g. Only one point of view, but might be true for others.
Alice Jiang
Aug 21 2018 23:49
I know I promised a link to the livestream for the Boston meetup tonight that features DJ Patil, but they never provided a link. I sat refreshing my email and the meetup page for an hour with no luck
I'm so mad, I even made it out of the waitlist to the attendees, but it happened 2 hours before the event started so there really was no way I could have made it in time.
I'll see if they post a recording, and I'll link if they did :/