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Aug 2018
Alice Jiang
Aug 28 2018 21:18
So, curiousity won me over and I've been making my way through the Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence curriculum on edX, and they include a course called Essential Math for Machine Learning (two courses, if you count "Python Edition" and "R Edition" individually) and I'm curious about what others think about wht they chose to include and the pace. The lab files for the R edition are here, the python ones appear to be download only. The course itself is videos of the instructor basically reading from the lab notebooks, so far, with periodic graded quizzes after each model and some ungraded knowledge checks throughout.
It's only the third course in, including one "Introduction to AI" that was all about using Azure tools to do the heavy lifting. The second one was Python for Data Science which was a partnered course with Data Camp, and from what I can see from Data Camp's website, their own courses may be better resources as far as completeness. The Microsoft one wasn't bad but it didn't cover things that I feel like it should have. Like creating functions.