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Sep 2018
Alice Jiang
Sep 07 2018 16:36
I was at the Emotion AI Sumiit yesterday put on by Affectiva, the theme was "Trust in AI"
It was fantastic, the talks and panels that I sat in for were all fantastic, I met Rana El Kaliouby and she's fantastic
I'm sick this morning so I'm gonna just go back to bed, but if anyone's interested I can talk a bit more about the things people were saying
at some other time...
Eric Leung
Sep 07 2018 16:38
In light of the news for Google making their dataset search engine, it looks like the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the US just gave $500,000 to a group to investigate a "Google for research data" :smirk:

The group critiques Google and Yahoo search engines currently as:

"They understand web pages, not datasets. And existing dataset search services are cumbersome, focusing on searching descriptions instead of data, and they cater to researchers looking within their own discipline."

@becausealice2 oh cool! I didn't know the name at first, but I feel like one of us has shared some articles talking about Affectiva or similar technology, interfacing with the human side of computing.