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Sep 2018
Sep 10 2018 02:55
My DS peeps.. has anyone used arcgis webapp before??? My city released a phototech of images of the city between 1930-1990 .. i can put in an address and supposed to see how that area evolved.. but the images arent coming up :(
These images are used by the city for urban planning.. to give u an idea of what they are
Sep 10 2018 13:56
okay never mind I got the images.. who ever in the city's geo dept didn't set this up right.. even if I zoom into or mark a particular area the images don't match, I would have to know the numbers the city planners use stand for but for those who wanna know what I mean its these images
area of city of montreal in 1964 - not yet urbanized
this was considered "the country"
Alice Jiang
Sep 10 2018 22:51
I've used data from arcgis, but someone else was the one who actually collected the data, and from what I remember she had a rough go of it as well
Cool picture, though. Any fun projects you're gonna use them for?
Sep 10 2018 23:17
@becausealice2 no, the city made this huge announcement that the photos are available online.. BUT most of the image links don't work, you can't download the related .zip, and it won't show me the right images for that particular area on the map.. it sucks.. im disappointed tbh
I was really looking forward to see how my parents area looked like before it was developed