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Sep 2018
Abhimanyu Aryan
Sep 12 2018 12:25
@GoldbergData TensorFlow is written in C++. Python is binding to C++. Now they have Node.js binding to C++ Tensorflow which is as fast as Python so yaa future is bright. I'm saying it's JS but actually it's Typed JS(TypeScript)
Alice Jiang
Sep 12 2018 22:24
Alice Jiang
Sep 12 2018 23:26
I just found out that in the three years since we've been married, my husband and I were both learning R. Him while studying law, me while studying data science. I am so ashamed, he is so much better at my work than I am :weary:
I could probably do it better in python than he could, but if we could compare my python to his R he still wins :(