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Sep 2018
Alice Jiang
Sep 14 2018 00:30
Can anyone recommend a good, lowbie explanation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors?
Alice Jiang
Sep 14 2018 00:36
I'm trying to work through the Python version of this Notebook and once they start talking eigenvalues and eigenvectors they lose me, the videos are even less clear, and the khan academy videos assume a stronger foundation in linear algebra than I have time to build at the moment lol
Eric Leung
Sep 14 2018 00:47
@becausealice2 here's a video by 3Blue1Brown on the subject if you like animations and little math
Alice Jiang
Sep 14 2018 03:33
thanks @erictleung
Josh Goldberg
Sep 14 2018 05:31
Good share
Mouli Uddanti
Sep 14 2018 17:08
hello everyone, anyone knows how to calculate params in each layer in keras?can anyone help me pls