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Sep 2018
Ayo Philip
Sep 26 2018 00:01

@Frawzey nice, they have really lowered the barrier to entry with great APIs like TensorFlow and Keras.

Yes. Learning from the scratch with python, though.
What do you suggest? Tf, Pytorch or Keras?

@GoldbergData @erictleung
Eric Leung
Sep 26 2018 00:43
@Frawzey Keras is a higher level programming of neural networks. Underneath Keras controls both TensorFlow and Pytorch. If you're starting out from new, I'd suggest TensorFlow only because of the extensive documentation and examples out there. But there may be an argument for Pytorch because of its autogradient function? I could be wrong.
@Frawzey earlier this year, I posted about this on the freeCodeCamp forum
Hope those help.
Sep 26 2018 11:29
For anyone in santa Clara area at the end of november there will be an AI and Big Data expo.
Ayo Philip
Sep 26 2018 12:19
@erictleung Thanks. So why is TensorFlow much more popular in the community?
Is it only cos of the google factor?
Alice Jiang
Sep 26 2018 20:14
@Frawzey That's a huge part of it, it's also like he said, there's good documentation and examples out there. Despite being the most popular, though, It's probably not the best available option out there. Anytime anything pops up in our limited news cycle about it Ben Taylor gets to have an "I told you so" moment that I usually get me to laugh a little
@mstellaluna Thanks for sharing! Looks like a lot of interesting tracks, and at a reasonable price, too!