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Sep 2018
Ayo Philip
Sep 28 2018 09:39
Thanks for sharing @erictleung. Are you taking the Fast ai course? I'm starting today.
Debtanu Ganguly
Sep 28 2018 10:50
Can anyone Suggest some interesting ML projects for semester project?
Sep 28 2018 10:55
@mylifebuglife Image recognition
Eric Leung
Sep 28 2018 16:54
@Frawzey I haven't started the deep learning one specifically. I am slowly going through the numerical linear algebra course they have And here is the second version of this
Alice Jiang
Sep 28 2018 20:04
@mylifebuglife What you consider interesting is up to you. Take a hobby of yours, find a problem with it, and solve that problem (or, at least attempt to) with ML
Alice Jiang
Sep 28 2018 20:16
AWS Educate has updated their cloud computing career pathways, and it looks as though the materials have been updated, too!
Eric Leung
Sep 28 2018 20:23
@mylifebuglife I second @becausealice2 on the suggestion to just find something interesting to you. Do you like a particular video game or TV series? What sort of questions about the show do you have that might be uncovered using machine learning.
@mylifebuglife now there's to search for datasets, so maybe you can find one of interest to you to ask questions about.