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Oct 2018
Alice Jiang
Oct 02 2018 02:13
@NickKartha Data Science is a deceptively broad term. Kind of like programming. Helping you figure out what to do depends on what you want to do more specifically. I suggest you do a but of research and playing around in different areas of Data Science and seeing what you enjoy the most. If you're coming in with no knowledge, a good start that is useful in all areas of DS is maths (statistics, depending on how deep you go into DS, calculus and linear algebra) and programming (the most common languages are R and Python)
You might also want to learn about data ethics. I have a link of resources for that, but the freecodecamp forum is currently down for maintenance, so if you're interested I can give you a link later
Eric Leung
Oct 02 2018 19:36
@NickKartha I'd echo the advice of others that were given. But here's a course recently created on doing data science using just a Chromebook (relatively cheap hardware) The course is taught in R, FYI.
Eric Leung
Oct 02 2018 19:43

@NickKartha But in general, this is the advice I'd give

Build something. Anything. Explore a dataset. Find a practical problem that you or your company faces, and try to solve it.