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Oct 2018
Eric Leung
Oct 08 2018 08:48
@KiranGkiran11_twitter it is difficult to see your data when formatted through the chat room. Can you either take a picture of your data or format them into a table somewhere?
@KiranGkiran11_twitter otherwise, I'd just advise looking through the stringr package for functions that may help. This package works well with dplyr, so manipulating and comparing strings should be easier when dealing with data frames.

@rbhatia46 you can probably convert it to a date format and then do a difference between the two dates. You would, of course, need to convert the string "Mar-May" split by the dash into "Mar" "May" and then conver the data.

I'm not sure what programming language you're using, but I'm pretty sure the one you're using would have some date data type that you can use that understands time arithmetic to solve your problem.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Oct 08 2018 12:38
i got using grepl methods @erictleung
Rahul Bhatia
Oct 08 2018 17:28
@erictleung Thanks ! Will try that.
Eric Leung
Oct 08 2018 19:04
@KiranGkiran11_twitter I see. Can you give a very simple examples using just strings what you want to accomplish? I'm still unsure what strings you're trying to compare.