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Oct 2018
Philip Durbin
Oct 25 2018 00:58 UTC
hmm, nice list
Bigyan Karki
Oct 25 2018 05:18 UTC
Hi there. So, I feel like I fairly understand basic ML/DL modles. However, I want to make a web app
For example, I want users to submit pocture throug my web app, and my app would make a classification. I don't want to use APIs from any existing sources like clarifai or google. I have a trained model, and I want predictions served via the model. How can I do it? I have some knowledge of web development. But, not a with python frameworks.
Also, I understand there is tensorflow.js but I want to do it with python.
Honman Yau
Oct 25 2018 05:45 UTC

@bigyankarki This is from someone who’s just started about a month ago, so please take it with a grain of salt: if I’m not mistaken, you can now save a model in Tensorflow under a Python environment and load it with Tensorflow.js; provided that you have a working knowledge of JavaScript, that seems like a good way to go about it if all you are doing is just using the trained model for prediction.

If you insist on using Python then my guess is that you have to handle it on the server side by using something like Flask or Django; I still think that it's easier to just use Tensorflow.js because the JavaScript code is trivial, unless you really don’t want to expose your model to the client at all.