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Oct 2018
Oct 30 2018 14:01
i used str_count function,and by calculating commas find the no of string @becausealice2
Vishal Kumar Roy
Oct 30 2018 14:47
Can anyone suggest some place for data set to analyze for a complete noob like me who has just begin with Data Science
Philip Durbin
Oct 30 2018 14:55
You could run this code I wrote to create six TSV files to play with: :)
Eric Leung
Oct 30 2018 15:50
@VishalKumarRoy here's a popular site for data
Eric Leung
Oct 30 2018 21:39
@VishalKumarRoy there's also Google's new data-specific search engine!
Alice Jiang
Oct 30 2018 23:50
@VishalKumarRoy You could always try looking through Kaggle datasets. You don't have to submit your work to the competitions if you would rather just download datasets and explore.