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Nov 2018
Eric Leung
Nov 03 2018 00:53 UTC
@cstpk if you already are learning D3 and want to learn more, I'd say just look at a lot of examples, study them, and experiment with its code. There are lots of examples here on the D3js Wiki In looking at examples, you will be question driven as to what certain notations are or methods unknown to you, which then you'll then have to find those answers. That journey in searching for directed answers and experimenting with code yourself will help you better understand D3. My 2 cents.
Alice Jiang
Nov 03 2018 15:50 UTC
for D3 -> Observable or bl.ocks, though bl.ocks is out-dated, you would need to look through those with D3 documentation open to see what has changed since the bl.ocks were made