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Nov 2018
Nov 08 2018 05:06
hi is there any way way to replace data.product from data_ex(2nd dataframe) based on the value of weighted_items v2(values of 1st dataframe)
i am working in R
@erictleung @becausealice2
Nov 08 2018 13:41
i got it using merge function
Eric Leung
Nov 08 2018 18:10
@KiranGkiran11_twitter sounds like a base R command, which are stable and will work. In the long term, I think the commands and interface of the tidyverse definition make things nicer. So I'd check out dplyr for any data frame manipulation or merging in the future. Here's a summary sheet of commands that you might find helpful
Nov 08 2018 18:25
how do import Pandas?
I am folowing some tutorials but I still not understand
Lokendra Sharma
Nov 08 2018 18:49
@Raf121 Did you install pandas? If you have python installed you can do something like python -m pip install --user pandas
@Raf121 And then just like any other package you can do import pandas in your program