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Nov 2018
Josh Goldberg
Nov 14 2018 04:03
@becausealice2 Awesome! I am interested in how that turns out (the JS project). Let me know.
Nov 14 2018 05:00
is there any way to get like this
@GoldbergData @becausealice2 @erictleung
Nov 14 2018 05:59
i am working in R
Nov 14 2018 14:57
hi everyone, I like to learn deep learning to do data science is there any guidelines or courses I have to take
Alice Jiang
Nov 14 2018 21:57
@madadmca04 Not really, it's still a young enough field that I don't think there's any established route for acquiring the knowledge. Everyone I know who does deep learning in their job says it was a lot of trying things and seeing what worked and what didn't