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Nov 2018
Alice Jiang
Nov 16 2018 02:26
@GoldbergData It will be a bit before the project itself starts. I thought I had retained a lot of JavaScript knowledge, which is true, but so much has changed since I last used it, so I have to relearn the basics lol
I'll be happy to keep up to date on this, and I've even been given permission to write about the suicide study analysis I recently finished NLP work on. If anyone is interested, if/when I do that I'll share it here :)
Nov 16 2018 18:53
i need help with converting categorical data
i have categorical data with 1000s of unique values
Philip Durbin
Nov 16 2018 19:07
sounds like you need to group it somehow
Nov 16 2018 20:10
can i use word2vec
or target encoding
i haven't found an implementation for either that i can use