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Dec 2018
Alice Jiang
Dec 13 2018 03:29
Question of ethics that I want to throw out to the room: I'm having issues with my write up that I am considering posting online of this project I did last month because I'm not positive how comfortable I am making the data public, which would affect what I say or if I even post about it at all. It's three columns with randomized ID number, open-ended response to "Why do you think military members and veterans are committing suicide? Be as general or as specific as you prefer.", and "yes"/"no"/non-answer to a question--I don't have the exact wording atm--asking if they have ever attempted suicide in their lifetime. It's all anonymous and I would be amazed if anyone were able to identify any participant from just these columns, so I have permission from the study's lead to make it public, but it feels a bit skeevy to me to make it public when I don't think any participant was given the opportunity to opt out of publishing any of their responses especially considering how sensitive this specific subject is.
Josh Goldberg
Dec 13 2018 05:04
@becausealice2 tricky………..
Dec 13 2018 11:13
Hello anybody there who know power BI?
Eric Leung
Dec 13 2018 18:39
Companies are getting creative with their job titles, now you got "Data Jedi" :laughing:
@becausealice2 that's an interesting situation. Typical "personal health information" in the US is defined by the following 18 pieces of information But survey data isn't typically in this category. But for privacy reasons and respect for these individuals, I hope their consent form mentioned something about sharing of their responses.
Alice Jiang
Dec 13 2018 18:57
@erictleung I almost applied for a "data ninja" position a couple days ago (I didn't because I didn't want to work for the company, but oh the name was tempting)
Yeah, I'm not sure I want to publish anything about what I did, the more that I think about it, the more the thought bothers me. I don't know if they consented to information sharing, but even if they did.... It's not like I was studying their favorite pringles flavors....
Keeping in mind, the context of anything I make public is going to be from the perspective of a data scientist learning NLP stuff. If I were better equipped with the expertise and qualifications maybe it wouldn't be as big of a deal to go public with the findings.........
I dooonnn''''ttttttt knoooooooooowwwwwwwwwww :expressionless: