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Jan 2019
Jan 15 01:44
How challenging is it to learn LSTM?
Eric Leung
Jan 15 03:38
@TJ-coding here's an excellent blog post on the topic go get you started
Alice Jiang
Jan 15 04:44
@pdurbin Just got news of a loved one's passing and will be out of town for the funeral, so I won't be able to make datafest at all. Thanks for thinking of me, though! I Will hopefully remember and be available to stop in for one of the speakers you were talking about before.
@TJ-coding depending on where you're starting from, it's not too difficult a concept to grasp. I was able to figure it out fairly easily....
Philip Durbin
Jan 15 11:58
@becausealice2 my condolences.
Eric Leung
Jan 15 18:57
@TJ-coding there are plenty of coding examples online to choose from. Here's one written in Python I found from a quick search on GitHub that was apparently designed with learning in mind. Good luck!
Alice Jiang
Jan 15 19:29