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Feb 2019
Alice Jiang
Feb 02 01:00
OpenAI will be streaming a workshop in about 16 hours, if anyone's interested.
Feb 02 22:03
I am new here and trying to get my hands on python. Then later pick python for Networking. I need study guides recommendations or anyone willing to share. Thanks.
Alice Jiang
Feb 02 23:27
@akintunero Welcome! All the resources I've tried for Python are Data Science specific which is a pretty limited scope that seems to not necessarily be of use to you. You might try the intro on or's course, or else I'd check to see if there are any Python courses on that draw your eye. I'm not positive what kind of quality any other resources might be, but if you're comfortable exploring a bit, you can google "free python course" or give this 7-step plan from a Quora response a whirl.