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Feb 2019
Feb 11 01:13
@aljabr0 Hi!!
please make a video on that that'd be awesome!!
Alice Jiang
Feb 11 15:37
@aljabr0 please be aware that self promotion is considered spam and a violation of FreeCodeCamp's [Code of
Phone fail,
Feb 11 15:52
@becausealice2 Sorry I wasn't aware that open source is considered promotion
Eric Leung
Feb 11 19:57
Advice for aspiring data scientists and other FAQs - some good general tips and resources for aspiring data scientists and data peeps.
Eric Leung
Feb 11 20:10
Periodic reminder of things in data science to keep in mind:
  1. Data is never clean.
  2. You will spend most of your time cleaning and preparing data.
  3. 95% of tasks do not require deep learning.
  4. In 90% of cases generalized linear regression will do the trick.
  5. Big Data is just a tool.
  6. You should embrace the Bayesian approach.
  7. No one cares how you did it.
  8. Academia and business are two different worlds.
  9. Presentation is key - be a master of Power Point.
  10. All models are false, but some are useful.
  11. There is no fully automated Data Science. You need to get your hands dirty.