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May 2018
May 17 2018 05:13
May 17 2018 05:51
Danny Chan
May 17 2018 06:58
Sly Fox
May 17 2018 10:34
is there anyone here that can help me with my porfolio page ?
i have an issue
Bjorn van de Peut
May 17 2018 10:40
@Gurukorgi Just explain your issue here. If it's complicated, make sure to create a Codepen and link. If / When someone is available to help you out, they will send you a reply
Kranti Nebhwani
May 17 2018 12:26
can anyone tell me why .resume:hover { transform: translateY(-5px); } doesn't work when I have a class "resume" and I want it to move a tiny bit when I hover over it?
it moves if i put the hover over the entire nav. THat's one part of the navigation but it won't work then
Bjorn van de Peut
May 17 2018 12:31
@darkphotonKN I suggest you make a Codepen of your project or at least the part that you're talking about. Most likely some element or other parts of your CSS are preventing you from doing what you want. Unfortunetely you're not providing us with enough information to determine the root cause of your issue.
Muhammad Anas Qasmi
May 17 2018 13:14
Peace All!
 {isRunning ?
            <button className='button'
            <button className='button'
My code stops working when I add the above ternary operator.
My codepen link. Any thoughts?
If I remove the above then the program executes fine.
Pavlo Rudyi
May 17 2018 13:21
@m1anas check isRunning outside of the block
Important: seems like an autocomletion of FCC beta is totally broken. Use external editor for complex code, it will save a tons of time.
Muhammad Anas Qasmi
May 17 2018 14:55
@paulcarroty outside of what block? unable to understand you
Moisés Man
May 17 2018 15:27

@m1anas IF u check ur browser devtools console...

Uncaught ReferenceError: isRunning is not defined

Muhammad Anas Qasmi
May 17 2018 15:29
@moigithub yes but why? i defined isRunning above
Moisés Man
May 17 2018 15:30
cuz its not a "simple" variable.. but part of a state
similarly to interval line 87
u need to use this.state.VariableName
Muhammad Anas Qasmi
May 17 2018 15:34
@moigithub oh thanks
May 17 2018 15:34
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