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Nov 2018
Nov 17 2018 00:00
bummer, it only works for some of my import statements.
vs code
Nov 17 2018 02:52
@flyfishingbarbara just visited the page and it seems the match still isn't staying lit at the end of the animation.
The link below should help in preventing the animation from restarting after it reaches 100%. Since you have 2 animations(slide and glow)
you may need to apply the desired animation-fill-mode to both animations .
MDN animation-fill-mode
Shehbaz Jafri
Nov 17 2018 14:27
I need help with Every method challenge, my code - function checkPositive(arr) { arr.every(function(val){ return val > 0; });
checkPositive([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]) should return true. is failing
Nov 17 2018 14:41
You dont have a return statement -
function checkPositive(arr){
  return ...
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Nov 17 2018 16:34
@Nirajn2311 nice vue things coming along
Kelechi Chinaka
Nov 17 2018 17:43
how do i add font awesome to my codepen project
Niraj Nandish
Nov 17 2018 18:45
@diomed :100: :100: :smiling_imp: :smile:
check the link, you have to use the cdn link
Christopher McCormack
Nov 17 2018 18:48
it was answered in another channel @Nirajn2311
Mohammed Boudad
Nov 17 2018 18:49
@ke1echi Add the cdn link to font awesome in the settings
@ke1echi Add the cdn link to font awesome in the settings
Christopher McCormack
Nov 17 2018 18:49
everyone just waking up? lol
Niraj Nandish
Nov 17 2018 18:49
@cmccormack nope, just going to sleep
Christopher McCormack
Nov 17 2018 18:50
@Nirajn2311 damn time differences!
have a good night!
Nov 17 2018 19:15
@cmccormack so I have different forms for different page, so should I have different database model for each one, since each one of is different?
Christopher McCormack
Nov 17 2018 19:22
@glitz20 that all depends on what you're sending from each form, if it's all chart data or something and they share common properties then you can probably use a single schema
Nov 17 2018 20:41
@cmccormack no different survey form will have different questions