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Nov 2018
Nov 24 2018 02:15
I am unable to access GitHub on my VM hosted XUbuntu
The following is what I get when I try to access the website (this has also been affecting my ability to install Ruby and access parts of .T.O.P.):
The owner of GitHub has configured their website improperly.
Basically it says they have an invalid certificate.
Nov 24 2018 04:15
Nov 24 2018 12:58
Hi guys not sure if i’m the right room. Just question regarding to self development. How do you guys develop your skills as in developing career and skillset?. I thought it would be helpful to get some idea for sideproject, but it seems little much for me to handle the scale.
Nov 24 2018 13:57
hi people
I just wanted to ask how can i work online as a web developer?
Michael Bomholt
Nov 24 2018 15:01
hey everyone :)
can someone point me in the right direction about accessing an array of objects in reactjs
I can console.log the data but i’m not able to map it
Ahmad Abdolsaheb
Nov 24 2018 17:09
@mukkka3 you could contribute to freecodecamp
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Nov 24 2018 21:38
Nov 24 2018 23:33
The cat determined that was a lie