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Jan 2019
Jan 17 01:46
hi who's upN
Jan 17 04:06
Bjorn van de Peut
Jan 17 04:45
Jan 17 05:53
Jan 17 06:09
This line of code doesnt show the value but the second one does why?
Please help me with this question anyone?
Jan 17 07:13
@idris12 because when you do var city_value = document.getElementById('city').value you are actually copying the value of city value as a string... and then by saying city_value = city you are just changing the value of that variable .. assigning primitive type is just copying it to the variable. what you want probably something like
var city_value = document.getElementById('city')
city_value.value = city
Rafah Mehfooz
Jan 17 10:48
Hi guys, someone told me that its better to use angular material 2 compared to PrineNG because PrimeNG is a dead project, buggy and has no active support. However, I like PrimeNG because they have a lot of components, anyone willing to share some experience?
Andrew Zamora
Jan 17 11:34
Hello Everyone! Hope you all are well! I styling a react component and I just want to add hover effects (make an a tag turn light gray). Is there a way to do that without having to create a css file, importing a library or using state?
Praveen Saraogi
Jan 17 14:33
having problem using dynamic images (ngFor) with owl caraousel in angular 6. it does not display images
Jose Pagan
Jan 17 17:57
I am just starting with React, I guess the official tutorial is the best starting point?
Kaz Baig
Jan 17 18:05
@josepagan definitely
I wonder if the official tutorial will change post Hooks...
Christopher McCormack
Jan 17 18:17
I'm certain if hooks move out of alpha they will redo it, they are really on top of that documentation