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Jan 2019
dyon gerwen
Jan 28 00:32
i pay 10 dollar a hour for someone that will help me teach angular over teamviewer who is intrested
Jan 28 00:58
Are you all from the United States?
Are there any Chinese?
abraham anak agung
Jan 28 02:28
@baiselog you could try chinese room
Jan 28 03:30
Hello people! Any tips for extracting and importing mongodb based web data into excel? (I'm going to make the website but I was hoping data can be extracted into excel) or any keywords I can search myself?
Bradley D. Thornton
Jan 28 10:51
I had some dreams there were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee and...
Jose Pagan
Jan 28 11:25
hi im finally developing some apps with react. is it ok to add the whole folder to GitHub?
until recently i just had a index, a css and a .js file in my folder
Christopher McCormack
Jan 28 15:35
@josepagan you usually want to add anything you don't want shared (like .gitignore, .env, etc..) to your .gitignore file so it doesn't get pushed. May want to prevent the build folder as well as it will change every time you build
Jan 28 16:12
I've seen several times that some people pushing the entire node modules directory up.. best to avoid
Jason Luboff
Jan 28 16:16
@kinopotato There is a built in method to export to a csv file