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Feb 2019
Feb 07 01:22
ok how much of learning JS is really writing out all your code and how much is copying and pasting from stackoverflow?
Feb 07 01:29
@mikilao Depends on how commit you are to learning rather than doing. If your trying to learn you should never copy-paste anything. If anything you sure at least write it out by hand, using SO as a reference. But if you never write it without help, you probably didn't learn anything.
Feb 07 01:33
i heard a comment about how much copying and pasting was in JS so i thought it was normal but i had to question it because i felt like i was learning 25% of what i was doing.
Feb 07 01:44
I personally believe if you struggle for hours on most solutions you learn more than just copy-pasting code everything till it works.
It's the struggle that gives you the experience. It's easy to get code working, but it's harder to know the details of why the code is working. So focusing on the process is a lot more important than the results when learning how to program. Goes for any language, it's just JS has a lot more quirks
dead pool
Feb 07 04:42
hello everyone I have a question it is how to take h1 hello become hello word please took me thanks
Feb 07 05:51
@cmccormack Got it Thank you
Feb 07 06:10
@juack I didn't understand your question, but if it is h1 tag there you go... <h1>Hello World!</h1>
Feb 07 08:38
Feb 07 15:34

@RequestMapping(value = "student/{id}", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public List<Student> getStudentID(@PathVariable("id") long id) {

    Student student = new Student();

    return school.getSchool(student.getID());


School assignment here. Should get student by ID. The return right now is fault.