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Feb 2019
The twitter image doesn't seem to load
abraham anak agung
Feb 09 01:48
@RahManJunior it works fine in my computer.
Feb 09 02:53
Niraj Nandish
Feb 09 05:18
@RahManJunior which country do you live in as some countries block Twitter
Honey Be
Feb 09 05:19
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
Feb 09 11:37
@Nirajn2311 I'm in Portugal
Feb 09 13:17
@raviloop What do you need?
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 15:45
@Nirajn2311 me too. lol
@ehutchllew pls help with less?
gonna make CSS.
gonna be called moar.css
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Niraj Nandish
Feb 09 16:44
@diomed I thought you were Croatian
@RahManJunior is Twitter blocked in Portugal
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 16:55
@Nirajn2311 what makes you think otherwise now?
(oh, when you said that you were here, I was referring to that one) :smile_cat:
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 17:05

In theory - yes ; In practice - no
sudipt dabral
Feb 09 17:35
Anyone doing giveaway of dev stickers !
Niraj Nandish
Feb 09 18:03
@diomed Google needs a new champion for their coding challenges
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 19:01
@sudipt1999 I have one trello one.
Just send your adress and credit card number, with CCV and let me send it to you
@Nirajn2311 and I need a player for hangman
Feb 09 19:18
you will still need an expiry date
Feb 09 20:27
@/all is there any way you consider an image size before making it a full background image?? I style the image but still it's not full background
@kibablu (1,024,723) the size of the image
@kibablu link to unsplash photo
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 20:39
@kibablu show your code
do you have a pen on codepen or something like that?
usually one has to use
to make image as full backgound
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 09 20:46
@psyperl thank you for a tip, pro card thief :yum: