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Feb 2019
Feb 20 2019 05:53 UTC
Hello I need some css help
I cant seem to get rid of the right padding
on mobile devices
Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 9.25.26 PM.png
Feb 20 2019 06:13 UTC
here is the link to the hub
Niraj Nandish
Feb 20 2019 10:03 UTC
Yesss, i finally got Docker for Windows to install in Windows 10 Home
Feb 20 2019 10:44 UTC
so, when did everyone stopped writing spaghetti code and how did they manage to do it?
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Feb 20 2019 12:30 UTC
answer is no. and never
Niraj Nandish
Feb 20 2019 12:39 UTC
:cat: loves spaghetti
Feb 20 2019 13:51 UTC
Hello! I am getting this error:
dbhelper.min.js:138 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'forEach' of undefined
on this file:
Feb 20 2019 15:27 UTC
yeah reality is people are trying to stop writing spaghetti code after they are unable to read their code years later.. but no matter how hard they tried .. they still end up seeing spaggetti code
Victor Popescu
Feb 20 2019 15:34 UTC
@psyperl actually I think this "Agile" methodology is part of the spaghetti code... The client is asking for a potato, that later should be a tomato but in the end why is not a house that can fly under water in space
Feb 20 2019 15:35 UTC
Victor Popescu
Feb 20 2019 15:36 UTC
And companies encourage clients to think like that
Feb 20 2019 15:38 UTC
yeah i can see how target can change during several iteration, i also see how engineering debt accumulate after several iterations
Feb 20 2019 18:01 UTC
@zootechdrum try use chrome debugger and set your website to responsive layout and play around with it ... till it fits your needs
sudipt dabral
Feb 20 2019 20:24 UTC

Kindly Help me Out !
I am trying to implement something like this
function head (){
/ Some more logic that goes down here then will return function /

return function body(arg){
    function inner()
        console.log("INNER METHOD");
    return 'SOMETHING USEFUL' ;



let p = head();
p("HELLO BODY")//will print "HELLO BODY"
p.inner()//will give error but how can i implement it !!!!!`

Thanks for Help!!!!

Feb 20 2019 21:56 UTC
Thats the theory
I had to turn on my computer to code it up bc it's difficult at the cellphone
let head = (arg) => {
    return (() => {
        console.log('inner method');
        return (() => 'something useful')
usage: head(2) logs 2 to console and returns a function
head(2)(); prints 2 and inner method to console
and returns a function
prints 2, inner method and returns a string : something useful
dot notation is for objects only
you CAN assign a key to the function and return that object
Feb 20 2019 22:01 UTC
I'll let that as an exercise for you :)