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Feb 2019
Feb 21 2019 04:55 UTC
so spaghetti code is pretty much part of life, haha, I thought I had the worse code.
quick question though, I'm reading this from google's github
and at 3.1.7 (optional tags) they're recommending to just omit html/head/body tags in certain cases and I find it weird that I need to go through this whole process of if this then omit that instead of just writing the three tags :| is there an actual detriment if you do not omit these?
Feb 21 2019 05:29 UTC
Never heard of omitting the tags. I would leave them, idk how much of a performance improvement you can get if you don't include these, but idk about browsers that don't support html5, they might explode haha
but then idk if thats something to even care about these days
Kaz Baig
Feb 21 2019 05:52 UTC
Feb 21 2019 06:03 UTC
yeah if you refer to the link you'll see that section, I thought it was strange as well so I had to ask
sudipt dabral
Feb 21 2019 06:52 UTC
Feb 21 2019 09:12 UTC

Hello, question for people using vs code. is there an extension where for example I have auto close tags

<td></td> so my cursor is in between, is there an extension or something that will allow me to enter a new line without affecting the closing tag?

so instead of

</td><!-- because I entered-->

it goes

my cursor is now here without having to press right key multiple times or end key, just enter
abraham anak agung
Feb 21 2019 09:24 UTC
@kinopotato i used auto complete tag by jun han. you can combine it with auto close tag and auto rename tag too.
Feb 21 2019 09:25 UTC
does it allow you to press enter and you will be on another line despite your cursor being in-between two tags?
abraham anak agung
Feb 21 2019 09:25 UTC
Feb 21 2019 09:26 UTC
I was hoping for that one, so I wouldn't have to press END or right key then enter
Feb 21 2019 10:25 UTC
I always found auto complete tags more annoying than helpful
Aditya Dehal
Feb 21 2019 10:38 UTC
Hey there have anyone used Hostinger for hosting?
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