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Mar 2019
Mar 01 06:09
does refactoring affecting sense of accomplishment?
been coding and refactor continously for the past 3 days.. and all i got is 160 lines of code.. i feel i must have done more than that
psyperl @psyperl almost saving a gitter chat because of the habit of saving file after typing things
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Christopher McCormack
Mar 01 14:51
@psyperl I mean, if you can make the code easier to follow, more robust, easier to test, etc... then you should definitely feel some sense of accomplishment
Mar 01 16:01
Mar 01 16:02
@cmccormack thanks for pointing out what to aim for when refactoring, i honestly forgot what i am refactoring for ( kinda odd but yeah )
@Smootimus :wave:
Christopher McCormack
Mar 01 16:03
@psyperl yeah without good goals it just feels like more work :)
@Smootimus heya
Mar 01 16:04
:wave: @psyperl @cmccormack
Mar 01 19:47
Hello, I am here to present my Javascript Library for Particle Systems In this repo is a demo, I hope you are going to enjoy it and please tell me issues and updates that I should make
Mar 01 20:56
@Rabadonnn if you change the "number_per_frame" value to zero, then the particles doesn't work :( Nice job
Mar 01 22:39
Being self taught can someone tell me how to balance studying vs practicing? Is there one more beneficial then the other?
Mar 01 23:51
@Whip I am mostly self taught (did go to school), I learned more of what I used today myself. (they don't teach much coding at school) I learned the most by doing, so If I wanted to learn how to do web development, I did web development by doing projects
I don't like the idea of studying, as for starters you probably don't know exactly what you need (beyond the basics), if you build and run into issues since you aren't sure what your doing, then you can study that.
Just knowing whats out there (what are web sockets, ajax calls, REST apis, different types of DBs) is all important, but you might not need to know exactly how it works, so they aren't worth studying beyond knowing about
Mar 01 23:59
@bradtaniguchi thank you brad! That's my biggest hurdle is worrying about whats good and whats not when i should just worry about working. Just there is no cement path or syllabus when you're self taught.