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Mar 2019
Mar 07 05:30
moderating has been such a problem in an open service, but i think back then when gitter is open directly from the link, the amount of direct help given to people is way surpasses the trouble and the mess that are made by the trolls, but that's just a perspective from me.. never really see it from much higher view or from the .org perspective.
it was almost like doctors without borders
Mar 07 07:02
I mean the argument "there are trolls, we can't advertise this" could be given to the internet as a whole haha. Yea there's always going to be trolls, but I think it was and still is a great resource. But then I came in near the end when there was a bunch of dumb drama haha
Philip Durbin
Mar 07 11:49
I've only been here a few months and there doesn't seem to be much drama. Mostly people helping each other.
Engjell Bislimi
Mar 07 16:55
Hello does anyone use code igniter?
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Mar 07 17:29
@ezioda004 you on discord, mate?
if you are, pls send me your ID over PM
me love you long time :cat:
Mar 07 18:00
@diomed I am but dont use
Christopher McCormack
Mar 07 18:06
@diomed is :cat: there?
Mar 07 18:08
Anyone know GatsbyJs? I want to connect to an external API
Kaz Baig
Mar 07 18:14
@JohnnyBizzel what specifically are you trying to do
Mar 07 18:15
@kbaig I think I will try working with this:
@kbaig I am attempting to get data from an api (one I made earlier)
Just trying to get some practice with GatsbyJS
Kaz Baig
Mar 07 18:18
you'd make a regular fetch request in your component
Source plugins are for getting data at build time. Presumably you want to fetch data on page load
Mar 07 18:20
Kaz Baig
Mar 07 18:21
Then you should make a fetch request as usual, nothing specific about gatsby
Mar 07 18:21
Roger that
Mar 07 19:06
I am lost when it comes to writing a GraphQL query for this.