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Mar 2019
Mar 17 05:39 UTC
Mar 17 10:24 UTC
how can i do this
Mar 17 10:41 UTC
I need help in creating a py script that downloads all the top memes of the day from periodically
Are there any existing repos that already do it?
can someone show me an example
of how to pass this lesson
Cédric Maunier
Mar 17 15:32 UTC
Hello Everybody! I can't validate the challenge "" but my code works and it's good but can't pass test saying the response.json should change , but it does...
Philip Durbin
Mar 17 15:47 UTC
I'm confused. You're supposed to enter a URL a solution? Is the URL supposed to be on your own server?
Cédric Maunier
Mar 17 15:53 UTC
On Glitch
I'm sure there is a bug at correction but I don't know where to signal it
Philip Durbin
Mar 17 16:23 UTC
Oh, I didn't see Glitch mentioned. Thanks.
Christopher McCormack
Mar 17 17:11 UTC
@Logik-Dev are you submitting the view or edit link from Glitch?
It should be the view
also are you cloning the glitch boilerplate recommends in the intro?