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Mar 2019
Mar 19 01:48 UTC
@diomed :cat:
Karma Drukpa
Mar 19 01:49 UTC
Mar 19 01:50 UTC
hello guy
Mar 19 02:18 UTC
@cmccormack Do you know where I can get a "baby spoon fed" tutorial on MSSQL? The documentation in npm is not so clear to me.
Mar 19 03:46 UTC
@nsonhouse This is what I used when I had to learn the basics a few years ago:
Mar 19 03:48 UTC
@bradtaniguchi Thanks but I was not clear.
I am referring to the following
Mar 19 03:48 UTC
What are you having trouble with? The docs for sql's lib is pretty good, permitting you know your JS and SQL
Mar 19 03:49 UTC
@bradtaniguchi I'm having difficulty following the documentation. I see now that I need a better understanding of promises.
Mar 19 03:51 UTC
Here's a very in-depth page on promises, great for future references, some extra learning on the API, and common example use-caess
This is for client-side javascript, but the syntax/approach is the same.
Kranti Nebhwani
Mar 19 07:25 UTC

Need some help with dropdowns. I'm using react and javascript but I think if you know a little about javascript only you may be able to help. The dropdowns are set up like this now where on changing the drop selection it runs the function handleStatusChange.

    <option value="" hidden>
        please choose


As a drop down form with this.handleStatusChange to check the value of the event ( to read the value inside the <option> which was chosen... i.e. the value from the dropdown. The function to read the chosen dropdown value is something like:

  handleStatusChange = (e) => {
    // get value of selected option with, set it to state
   const selectedValue =
      // set it to state
      status: selectedValue

Is there a way to read a value from each dropdown that is NOT shown (read from instead, ie. if they each had an ID or something, how do I pass that in so that would be able to access this id.

@ezioda004 hey man any idea :D ^
I created a room for beginners for sharing and asking questions
Mar 19 10:01 UTC
anyone here already completed url shortener microservice challenge?
Konstantin Seleznov
Mar 19 10:35 UTC

Good day. We need your help with this survey about blockchain education for Arab speakers:

Thank you

Mar 19 10:37 UTC
@cmccormack hi yes there is version control .. its called SITSHRRIP on my github repository
im not sure how to deploy my project on heroku!
Mar 19 11:13 UTC
what if i dont want the hero command line? @momozor
Mar 19 11:21 UTC
@TheCodingAlien I'm not sure how to do that. My experience with Heroku has always been with the Heroku's command line tool. Thus, I don't even know if there is other way to use it so far.
Mar 19 19:54 UTC
Anyhow, anyone here experienced on deploying to Heroku via Docker?
I can't get my images to be pushed there.. :cry:
Mar 19 20:22 UTC where am i going wrong?
Kaz Baig
Mar 19 20:22 UTC
@Whip you're assigning a string and they're asking for a number
Mar 19 20:23 UTC
ohh the quotations?
got it!!! thank you :) @kbaig
Kaz Baig
Mar 19 20:26 UTC
@Whip np :smile:
Mar 19 22:46 UTC
i have completed the first 5 projects and i was wondering if when will i get the first certificate?