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Mar 2019
Mar 22 04:12
任务:在副标题下面新增一个段落,段落内容是:Hello Paragraph。
Mar 22 05:55
<p> Hello Paragraph </p>
Mar 22 06:20
<h1 class="body pink-text">Hello World!</h1>
你的 <style> 包含一个将 color 设置为 pink 的 pink-text CSS class。 why it is wrong?
Mar 22 07:06
.pink-text {
color: pink;
<h1 class="pink-text">Hello World</h1>
Mar 22 19:01
3.9 GPA :D
Maintained so far
Philip Durbin
Mar 22 19:14
good job
Christopher McCormack
Mar 22 19:18
@Smootimus woah nice job
and hello
Mar 22 19:27
@cmccormack thanks :D
@pdurbin Thank you
A bit upset with myself at slipping from the 4.0, but ay... it'll be alright
Gearing up for the next 10 week quarter
Mar 22 19:33
PHP and MySQL, Web Dev using .NET (pretty much ASP), a freaing Accounting class (gross) and supposed to do a Physics class but considering postponing that
Mohammad Nadeem
Mar 22 20:11
hi i need some help with some basic jquery
i am getting a json array via an http request. the returned data is like [{latitude: 12, longitude: 12}, {latitude: 123, longitude:123}]. how can i parse this using getjson
Christopher McCormack
Mar 22 20:33
@mnadev what do you mean parse it using getJSON? You appear to be getting the the array, what would you like to do with the array?
Mohammad Nadeem
Mar 22 20:33
actually never mind. it wasn’t working but thats because im trying to retreive through local host
Mar 22 21:47
if someone could help explain what this question is asking send me a message, thank you.
Niraj Nandish
Mar 22 21:57
@Smootimus nice
Kyle Holm
Mar 22 22:33
@Smootimus way to go
Mar 22 23:00
Im working on the Apis and Microservices Projects and wondering why there arent any test applied once I submit the solution. I can literally submit any valid URL (i.e. and it will be accepted. Is this intended?