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Apr 2019
Kelechi Chinaka
Apr 01 11:41
i made a handleKeyPress which is suppose to trigger the sound the the key is pressed on the keyboard, but it does not work, anyone mind helping out. tnx
dyon gerwen
Apr 01 14:23

i get an error can please someone hlep me what im doing wrong in this react project : Internal server error: Cannot read property 'expand' of undefined

with this code

const PreFooter = ({ t, title, description, descriptionBlue, comingSoon }) => {
  const comingSoonStyle = comingSoon ? styles.isComingSoonDomain : '';

  function expand (){
    // ReactDOM.findDOMnode
      if(this.moreButton){ = '10000px !important'}}

  return (
    <div styleName="pre-footer" className={comingSoonStyle} ref={ ref => this.moreButton = ref}>
      <div styleName="content-wrapper" >
        {comingSoon &&
        <h2>{t('')} {title} </h2>
        {!comingSoon &&
        <h2>{title} {t('')}</h2>
          <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: description}}></div>
          <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: descriptionBlue}}></div>
        <div styleName="moreButton"
              onClick={this.expand()}>more </div>

Idris Fagbemi
Apr 01 14:52
Hi, does anyone know how to test java code using vagrant up
Eric Weiss
Apr 01 17:56
@fullstackinprogress_gitlab clearly it's here, onClick={this.expand()}>more </div>, did u figure i out