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May 2019
Vincent Kay
May 16 06:12
what does "the main element should have two children as the element" mean
May 16 08:48
Bjorn van de Peut
May 16 08:53
heya :)
Anders Nicolai Magnussen
May 16 21:32
Do you guys recommend taking the freecode camp react section?
Christopher McCormack
May 16 22:30
@andersnicolaimagnussen sure, it's pretty good. I would probably keep the official React docs up in another tab and try to follow along for additional details
Anders Nicolai Magnussen
May 16 22:30

Thanks for answering, I wrote this on the javascript chat
Aight, I have started learning it for job purposes and read through almost the whole book of the road to learn react, I understand state and so on now I think, kind off I think.
I have to move over to redux now, I think I will try it out and see if it helps me reinforce what I have learned and so on.

Ofcourse at my work we write typescript, but I have also read a lot in the book learning react with typescript which was very good.

Now it's redux connected with saga

haha, let's say I been sitting with my face constantly in front a computer or a book in the last 3 days
But finally it started to make sense, last part now is the redux stuff will see if I can go through that on Codecamp as well, started watching learnredux the video tutorial.
Christopher McCormack
May 16 22:43
Yeah I saw it in there as well :)