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Doni Yafi
Thanks man! I'll check them out later
I think Visual Studio Code offers this localhost remotely thing
Do you know about that? @sjames1958gm
Stephen James
I am not familiar with that
I’m facing some problems in firebase using python and I hope you could help in this.
I’ve list of strings and I need to store each element of the list in firebase but, this what I got “firebase_admin.exceptions.InvalidArgumentError: Invalid data; couldn't parse JSON object, array, or value.”
    for i in indusry_list:
        name= i
            "cpc": cpc,
            "serp": serp,
            "volume" : vulme}


    SUPERHEROES2 = db.reference('Industries/')

    #end of for loop
this is the code. Thanks in advance!
Corey Lewis
@Lujain36 does name need to be in quotes for JSON syntax? i.e.
            "name": {
            "cpc": cpc,
            "serp": serp,
            "volume" : vulme}
@cursiv3 It worked for only the first element in the list. it doesn’t store the rest of elements :(
Xarri Jorge
Whats up folks?
Anyone can help me with this question? "Why ES Harmony is better than CommonJS or AMD?"

Hi Guys, how are you? I ask you a question ... I need to graph all the variables that bring me in the backend, how do I do it? I'm new to programming and Wix

I bring all the variables from an API

import {getJSON} from 'wix-fetch';

export function getproductInfo(product) {
var myurl = 'https://testapi:443/id=' + product
.then(json => {
return json
.then(json => console.log(JSON.stringify(json)))
.catch(err => console.log(err));

Hi there,
I’m struggling with edit-card function, and I hope you can help.
If I pressed edit icon for any card, it shows the info of the last card added in firebase not the info of the selected card. Any ideas?
// Edit row on edit button click
$(document).on("click", ".edit", function(){
      var value = $("#project44").val();
      var valuename = $(this).parents("div").parents("div").parents("div").find("#nameofkey").html();
      var valuedes = $(this).parents("div").parents("div").parents("div").find("#desofkey").html();
       var valuelest = $(this).parents("div").parents("div").parents("div").find("#desofkey").html();


{% for list in keywordList %}

                      <div class="col-sm-6 col-md-4 col-lg-3 mt-4"  >
                        <div  class="card card-inverse card-info" style="background-color:  #fcfeff;" >

                            <h5 v-model="card.value" @change="input(card.value, card.id)" class="card-title" id="nameofkey" style="margin-top: 30px;">{{keywordList[list].namear}}</h5>
                            <small id="desofkey" style="color: black; margin-bottom: 30px;  ">{{keywordList[list].des}}</small>
                           <!-- <img class="card-img-top" style="margin-left: 100px; margin-top: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px;" width="1" src="{{ url_for('static', filename='images/list.png') }}">-->
                            <div class="card-block"  >
                                <div class="card-text" style="text-align: center;" >
                                    {% set cpc = [0] %}
                                    {% set volume = [0] %}
                                    {% for single_item in keywordList[list].keywords  %}
                                    {% if 'cpc' in keywordList[list].keywords[single_item] %}
                                    {% if volume.append(volume.pop() + keywordList[list].keywords[single_item].volume) %}{% endif %}
                                    {% if cpc.append(cpc.pop() + keywordList[list].keywords[single_item].cpc) %}{% endif %}
                                    {% endif %}
                                    {% endfor %}
                                    <div style="text-align: right; ">
                                    <small>$ {{  cpc[0] }} : التكلفه الكليه  </small>

                                    {% if keywordList[list].keywords|length!=0 %}
                                    {% set avecpc = cpc[0]/keywordList[list].keywords|length %}
                                    {% set avevolume = volume[0]/keywordList[list].keywords|length %}

                                    <small> <br>   متوسط التكلفة: {{avecpc}} $ / كلمة  </small>
                                    <small> <br>   متوسط عمليات البحث: {{avevolume}} / كلمة  </small>
                                  {% else  %}
                                    <small> <br>   متوسط التكلفة: 0 $ / كلمة  </small>
                                    <small> <br>   متوسط عمليات البحث: 0 / كلمة  </small>
                                    {% endif %}
                                    <small> <br>  {{keywordList[list].keywords|length}} : عدد الكلمات </small>
                            <div class="card-footer">

                              <small> {{keywordList[list].date}} : اخر تعديل </small>

<form method="POST" action="/keywordslistkeyword" >
<input id="listkeywords" name="listkeywords" value="{{list}}" style="display: none;"></input>
<input id="project44" name="project44" value="{{projectID}}" style="display: none;" ></input>
{% if keywordList[list].keywords|length!=0 %}
<button id="newpage2" style=" background-color: #49a09d; color: white; margin-left: 20px;"class="btn btn-info float-right btn-sm"> عرض القائمة </button>
{% endif %}
<div style="text-align: left;">
<a class="edit" title="تعديل" href="#myModal2" style="color: gray;" data-toggle="modal" title="تعديل"><i class="material-icons">&#xE254;</i></a>
<a class="delete" title="حذف" ><i class="material-icons">&#xE872;</i></a>
{% endfor %}

Eventhough, I am not enabling the GPS location from my phone or laptop. How the website owners find my IP address and location informations by using third party APIs? Can anyone tell me please!
Bjorn van de Peut
@1532j0004kg There are several (commercial) databases available that store geolocations for IP addresses. However, these are not as accurate as actual GPS sharing of course. Roughly 98% - 99% accuracy on country and 50% - 70% accuracy on state / city. Some databases are more up to date than others etc etc. In other words: It can be a nice addition but should not be relied upon (especially not for security)
@bjorno43 That's my question! How they know my location using IP address. Since, My location is not enabled! Is it like they store the information manually?
Go it and thanks @bjorno43
I have one collection which has a document. When I try to get the document, it returns null... I am using MongoDBClient. Help me to resolve...
I am using the latest mongdb version
I got the solution but why toArray is needed? Help me to have a clear understanding.
Stephen James
They don’t know your location they know the location of your IP address to some level of accuracy. Since they have to route packets to your address they have to know to some degree where that IP address is. Likely gotten from your ISP
i have a question about accesing path in a right way
i really suck at it
I have a main folder and then i have child folder. In the child folder i have an index.js file i want to import
I suck at ./ ../ .../
Which one you want to import @mustimuu
Keep it in mind... A single dot is to reach the parent folder of the file.
Example :
If you have file in models folder. Which is under the project folder. And Inside the project folder you have server.js file. If you want to access files inside the models folder. You have to use ./ in server.js files. If you can't understand let me know. I will give you the better example.
Like ./models/filename.js
Hi guys, do anyone know what happened to HelpJavascript Channel? it seems to be missing
abraham anak agung
@yb1997 It still there
Hello folks! Has anybody has used firebaseApp (Firebase SDK) with spring boot but as a @bean so it gets instantiated only once?
Prakash Kumar
How can't I margin:auto use to center a <g> which is inside <svg>? Codepen: https://codepen.io/ThePrakashKumar/pen/MWYOaeV
P.S. - I am trying to center #graph.
Stefan Grosaru
Hi Guys, I'm currently stuck on Advanced Node and Express - Implementation of Social Authentication III is it outdated, or can it be passed?
Stefan Grosaru
Nvm, got it
Zijing Zhang
What do we think of graph database?
Zijing Zhang
@Zerka1982 I have Googled that thx
@zzj0402_gitlab Can you check this please https://codepen.io/Zerka1982/pen/RwNyXEN
trying to hide the arrow from the last list
sadat akhtar
hi guys, i.m currently stuck on package.json (managing packages with NPM). i.ve added ("author": "name") to package.json file and have already copied server.js file from github but when i submit it times out... pls help..anyone
Sadat Akhtar
Hi guys, need help on the first npm lesson. i've added the following line to package.json ("author": "name",) but whenever i submit it gives timeout error. ....any help would be appreciated.
@sadatakhtar Can you show the whole package.json file - or at least the context around your line
Sadat Akhtar
@alpox here's a copy of the package.json file : {
"name": "fcc-learn-npm-package-json",
"author": "sadat",
"dependencies": {
"express": "^4.14.0"
"main": "server.js",
"scripts": {
"start": "node server.js"
"engines": {
"node": "8.11.2"
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": "https://idontknow/todo.git"
anybody online?
Brett Stark
Hello - in mongoDB section of FCC... https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/apis-and-microservices/mongodb-and-mongoose/install-and-set-up-mongoose - how do i know the latest version of a package to add to package.json?