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Kris Baillargeon
Not a single distro works
It's big dumb
what are you talking? @krisb1220
Kris Baillargeon
Hey guys, I made a PDF version of the Mongoose Guide that's fully formatted with code/syntax highlighting. I wanted to have it in a good format that was easily viewable on my phone.. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one :P
Feel free to use an distribute as you wish :)
MongoDB Guide.epub <--Kindle/EReader
Mongoose Guide.pdf <--- PDF
nice @krisb1220
Have it on github :)
Is having overload function beneficial? in a language like javascript.
Nodejs,express and others are filled with overloaded functions
Sorry this must come across as a real newbie question. Is it impossible to build on say Signal or Riot OS. To cherry pick on the back-end only the desired features?

Hi, how to Pass Data from React Native to Passport.js FacebookTokenStrategy Callback?

any help would be much appreciated.

Xarri Jorge
Wallup folks? Anyone built a Next frontend with an express backend? I'm starting a project and want to use the setup but could use some details.
Riz Syed

Hi all - I am writing a socket server and have multithreaded it, but I am having a few issues.

Here is the chat client: https://dpaste.org/zB6e

Here is the chat server: https://dpaste.org/ThZN

Here is the server socket: https://dpaste.org/rOq4

Can anyone tell me why, in the chat client, the print statement on line 43 is not called after the method receive_message() is called?

Jagdish Mallige
Caleb David
Hello guys, I have asked a question on stackoverflow regarding updating nested mongodb arrays and objects using mongoose. I'll be glad if anyone can help me out. Here's the link:
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62415636/updating-mongoose-nested-array-of-mixed-types. Thank you.
Jake Giri
Hey guys i'm in very very deep confusion and dwelling over a choice.
I'm planning to build a live streaming project like twitch.tv so it will be big project. Which will suit more out of React or Angular from the performance and effectiveness's perspective (not learning curve)?
It was known that for project with much dynamic content, react is suitable but as ivy is introduced in reacent update of Angular it seems it is not losing to react anymore in the context of speed in dynamic-content context.
I expect (and i will really appreciate) other experienced developers opinion who has good knowledge of both REact and angular
Kaz Baig
@JakeDVirus Unless you have really intense perf needs, which it doesn't sound like you do, it's more about dev preference here
But if you did have those needs, I wouldn't choose either
Jake Giri
@kbaig As I said the project would literally be live streaming web app where as much as members can join n stream live with live group chat support(when streaming live) for viewers..
So this will have performance need if this starts growing big
What would u choose?
@JakeDVirus The framework has little to do with the streaming performance
Group-chat and streaming has to be implemented by itself, the frameworks would do the HTML rendering for you but the streaming is data communication where the frameworks don't have their hand in
Kaz Baig
Your performance constraint doesn't really have to do with a UI framework here
Jake Giri
@alpox thanks for clarifying @kbaig thanks
Next gigi hadid💁
any PHP developer here
Riz Syed
hi guys, my logger module is logging twice and I can't figure out why. Does someone here understand the logging module?
Next gigi hadid💁
hello i have interview as web developer in php
can anyone help with suggestion how to prepare
Riz Syed

Hi guys - this is my server: https://dpaste.org/SVzk

And this is my logger: https://dpaste.org/vf3L

Can anyone see why my log statements are outputted twice in the terminal?

Morchid Chellali
I'm working locally, and pushing changes through git to my github repo. I'm doing Api & Microservices lessons (NodeJs). To pass the challenge I can pass glitch link. Is there a way to pass the challenge using my github repo?
Kaz Baig
@Morched23MJ I think you can import github repos into glitch
Riz Syed
hey all, is anyone here familiar with psycorpg2?
for some reason cur.execute(f"INSERT INTO usernames VALUES ({username})") doesn't add username to the database usernames (the database only has one row)
Riz Syed
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62959206/time-sleep-is-not-pausing-the-while-loop-and-so-freeing-the-worker-in-threadpo <- hey guys, I just posted a question for some help on Stack Overflow. If anyone has any info that might help me with this issue, please do reply to this msg here! Thanks :D
@RS357 every client has to be handled in its own thread. You use a threadpool with 3 workers max. This means that you can handle only up to 3 clients.
The threadpool is then empty (all threads in use) and the executor is waiting for one thread to become available again thus basically blocking the mainthread until one of the 3 existing and working clients stop/hang up
time.sleep does not make a thread available to the threadpool as the thread is still basically in use by the routine
Riz Syed
thanks @alpox , I will DM you
Tunde Oretade
I need hellp guys...
Himanshu maurya
I decided to work upon issue #39284 after understanding it correctly.( I didn't understood in the first go) I looked the code in many files but all in vain. Tried to understood it as much as possible but I was unable to fix that. Will someone help me in solving this issue or can help me in familiarising the code.
Harikesh Pallantla
hi all, can anyone tell me how to send record type as input in store procedure calls with hibernate
Riz Syed

hi all, can someone/a few of you please run this file on your machines and drop a message in the chat room that will launch? https://github.com/RS357/chat-app/blob/master/chat_client.py

I am trying to test it on other peoples machines. Thansk!

new here(Riddhi Jain)
Is here any beginner who would like to code by collaborating. PLease Inform
@RiddhiCoder depend on what ?
Neil Haria
@RS357 create a dockerfile which will help to work on possibly any machine.