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Jake Giri
do i need/should learn sql if i'm planning to learn/use graphql in the end?
Corey Lewis
@JakeDVirus graphql isnt a database, it's an alternative to REST database queries, you can use graphql with sql or NoSQL databases
Hi , everyone

I got a question please, I have built a react application with MongoDB. In the structure of my project I have 2 folders one is for the Front-end and the other for Backend. In order for me to see the actual result, I run nodemon server.js within the backend folder, and then I run on the project level npm start. My application is working perfectly.

My question to you guys, Would I face any issue if I deploy my project to Netlify ?

Hi everyone! I have just finished building my VueJS (frontend) and Strapi (backend) project... In two main folders, "frontend", and "backend", each with their own NodeJS / yarn configurations. I am completely stuck trying to deploy it on cPanel with Namecheap... Currently, the Vue part runs on localhost:8080, and Strapi on localhost:1337; I have no idea what these URLs become once on the server?

hi guys,
i code website using laravel,
i set up mysql is my first database, mongodb is my second database
my .env:

and i query builder, i get this error:
i have fixed everything i can, please help me

HI , i want to duplicate entitis but in same time i want to know the original entity of duplicated entities , does Someone have any idea ? thx :)
Has anybody tried to download the git repository Xuggler at https://github.com/artclarke/xuggle-xuggler? I installed MinGW to be able to configure and compile xuggler. When I followed the INSTALL Readme file, I was able to do "./configure", but am still unable to execute the "make" command on the makeFile without getting an error. Also, I got the "make" command by Chocolatey if that is of any good information. But my error is of the following:
Makefile:813: /c/Users/NICK/Desktop/XugglerFolder/xuggle-xuggler/mk/Makefile.global: No such file or directory
make: * No rule to make target '/c/Users/NICK/Desktop/XugglerFolder/xuggle-xuggler/mk/Makefile.global'. Stop.
FYI I created the "XugglerFolder" in which the "xuggle-xuggler" repos folder is in. So what exactly does the error mean and how do I fix it? Thanks
hey great community
any one can help ??
when i go for change password he tell me Failed to Change Password !!
  // Check whether the Submit Button is Clicked or not
    //echo "Cliked";
    //1. Get the Data From Form
    $current_password = md5($_POST['current_password']);
    $new_password =md5($_POST['new_password']);
    $confirm_password  = md5($_POST['confirm_password']);
    //2.Check whether the user with current id and password exist or not
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM tbl_admin WHERE id=$id AND password='$current_password'";
    // Execute the Query
    $res = mysqli_query($conn,$sql);
      //Check whether data is avilable or not
      $count = mysqli_num_rows($res);
        //User Exist and Password Can be Changed
        //echo "User Found";
        //Check whether the new password and confirm match or not
          //Update the Password
          //echo "Password Match";
          $sql2 = "UPDATE tbl_admin SET passowrd = '$new_password' WHERE id=$id";
          //Execute the Query
          $res2 = mysqli_query($conn, $sql2);
          //Check whether the query executed or not
            //Display Succes Message
            //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Success Message
            $_SESSION['change-pwd'] = "<div class='success'>Password Changed Successfully.</div>";
            //Redirect the User
            //Display Erorr Message
            //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Erorr Message
            $_SESSION['change-pwd'] = "<div class='error'>Failed to Change Password.</div>";
            //Redirect the User
          //Redirect to MNG Admin Page with Erorr Message
          $_SESSION['pwd-not-match'] = "<div class='error'>Password Did Not Match.</div>";
          //Redirect the User
        //User Does not Exist Set Message and Redirect
        $_SESSION['user-not-found'] = "<div class='error'>User Not Found.</div>";
        //Redirect the User

    //3. Check whether the New Password and Confirm Password Match or Not

    //4. Change Password if all above is true


Rok Z
@MohameddAli error in UPDATE tbl_admin SET passowrd
-> password
hello everyone
i'm new here pls i have a problem about my coding
can someone help me out pls pls
Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'tittle' has already been declared
Vanessa Correia
not entirely sure without a snippet of code to look at, @rajirashed2010 , but if I had to guess, there must be a variable in our code that you are reusing. something along these lines:
let name = "a"

let name = "b"
let name = "b"

SyntaxError: Identifier 'name' has already been declared
thanks @wordlesspirate not that ma.
@wordlesspirate pls how can i sent my code to you so u can play around it together please
Vanessa Correia
if it is not too long of a piece of code, i would say you can paste here. just make sure to use quotations code inside so your code formats into a snippet, makes it a little easier to read.
quotations i mean these: ```. at the start and end of your code block.
guys anyone has experience with apache tomcat !